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  1. Uranus, seventh planet in distance from the Sun and the least massive of the solar system’s four giant, or Jovian, planets. Uranus has more than two dozen moons, five of which (Umbriel, Miranda, Ariel, Titania, and Oberon) are relatively large, and a system of narrow rings.
  2. Jan 18,  · Uranus was the first of three planets in our solar system discovered thanks to the invention of the telescope. In March British astronomer Sir .
  3. formcaruccodafta.pestcifornotitalradesenmigasimp.co brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind.
  4. (Uranus is also the only planet to be named after a Greek god rather than a Roman one.) Bode's colleague, Martin Klaproth, supported his choice and named his newly discovered element "uranium.".
  5. Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun in the Solar formcaruccodafta.pestcifornotitalradesenmigasimp.co is a gas formcaruccodafta.pestcifornotitalradesenmigasimp.co is the third largest planet in the solar system. The planet is made of ice, gases and liquid formcaruccodafta.pestcifornotitalradesenmigasimp.co atmosphere contains hydrogen (1 H), helium (2 He) and formcaruccodafta.pestcifornotitalradesenmigasimp.co temperature on Uranus is − °C (− °F; K) near the top of its atmosphere, but its small solid core (about 55% the mass of Earth Aphelion: AU, ( Gm).
  6. Úranus er sjöunda reikistjarnan frá sólu og sú þriðja stærsta. Úranus er örlítið stærri að þvermáli en Neptúnus en massinn er ögn minni. Þessar tvær reikistjörnur eiga margt sameiginlegt og eru oft flokkaðar sem vatnsrisarnir í sólkerfinu, á meðan Júpíter og Satúrnus eru hinir eiginlegu gasrisar. Þessu ræður fimbulkuldinn yst í sólkerfinu en sökum hans eru.
  7. Uranus definition, the planet seventh in order from the sun, having an equatorial diameter of 32, miles (56, km), a mean distance from the sun of 1, million miles (2, million km), a period of revolution of years, and 15 moons. See more.
  8. Aug 25,  · Miranda is the innermost satellite of the planet Uranus. Based on Voyager 2 observations, this satellite is approximately km in diameter and has a surface temperature of about 86 K and a mean density of ± g/cm formcaruccodafta.pestcifornotitalradesenmigasimp.co low density implies that this object is primarily composed of water ice, and the low surface temperature ensures that the ice is highly viscous and .
  9. Uranus - Uranus - Moons: Uranus’s five largest moons range from about to km ( to miles) in radius. All were discovered telescopically from Earth, four of them before the 20th century (see below Observations from Earth). Ten small inner moons were found by Voyager 2 in – They are estimated to be between about 10 and 80 km (6 and 50 miles) in radius, and they orbit the.

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